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Explore a curated collection of the top-notch Slack apps on our comprehensive web page. Elevate your team's collaboration with must-have tools and integrations that enhance productivity, communication, and efficiency. Discover the perfect apps to customize your Slack experience and streamline your workflow effortlessly.

Best Slack apps for Analytics

Peruse applications that assist with generating reports, initiating surveys, and conversing about essential data within Slack.

Best Slack apps for Communication

Explore applications that assist with communication, teamwork, and synchronization among colleagues.

Best Slack apps for Customer Support

Select from multiple applications that can aid in supporting your customers with greater speed. Integrate your customer service system, customer success management system, or social media accounts with Slack.
  • 1
    Marketing, sales and customer service software that starts free to help you grow better.
    (10647 reviews)
  • 2
    Get notified in a channel or direct message when someone completes a typeform
    (1268 reviews)
  • 3
    Workflow & Kanban task management for distributed teams
    (0 reviews)

Best Slack apps for Design

Utilize these applications to integrate your preferred design instruments with Slack and enhance your team's collaboration on creative projects.
  • 1
    Online collaborative whiteboard
    (4495 reviews)
  • 2
    Connect Dropbox to your Slack workspace to easily share content and conversations between both platforms.
    (21412 reviews)
  • 3
    Collaborate more efficiently, with team design updates in Slack
    (5440 reviews)

Best Slack apps for Developer Tools

Link your development software to Slack and enhance monitoring of builds, errors, or any other issues requiring attention. Gain insight into using Slack for dev teams by referencing the convenient manual.

Best Slack apps for File Management

Discover file organization applications that allow you to reach files, documents, and more, directly from Slack.
  • 1
    Connect Dropbox to your Slack workspace to easily share content and conversations between both platforms.
    (21412 reviews)
  • 2
    Box File Picker
    Securely store, share, and manage all your files
    (4835 reviews)
  • 3
    The connected workspace for your docs, projects, and knowledge
    (2206 reviews)

Best Slack apps for Health & Wellness

Utilize these applications for advocating good behaviors amongst your team on Slack.

Best Slack apps for HR & Team Culture

Explore applications that can assist in establishing a positive company culture, enhancing employee involvement, handling feedback loops, and additional related functions.

Best Slack apps for Marketing

Utilize applications to assist in keeping track of campaigns, analytics, and social media on Slack. Gain further knowledge about how to use Slack for teams in marketing.

Best Slack apps for Office Management

Connect with your team on their existing Slack platform through applications that provide notifications for package deliveries, guest arrivals, daily lunch orders, and other useful features.

Best Slack apps for Finance

Simplify tasks such as expense tracking and invoicing, and enhance transparency regarding billable hours, purchasing processes, payments, and additional functions using these applications.
  • 1
    Web and mobile payments, built for developers.
    (240 reviews)
  • 2
    Send, approve and reject spend requests, and receive renewal alerts
    (0 reviews)
  • 3
    Fyle expenses and reports directly from Slack
    (995 reviews)

Best Slack apps for Productivity

Applications designed to facilitate work progress and increase efficiency.

Best Slack apps for Project Management

Efficiently manage tasks within Slack by creating, updating, and delegating them. Use these applications to maintain project progression.

Best Slack apps for Sales

Integrate your sales software with Slack to easily access sales reports, update CRM information, acknowledge successful deals, and quickly find client and order history. Consult this useful guide to discover more about utilizing Slack for sales teams.

Best Slack apps for Security & Compliance

Integrate your security and monitoring tools with Slack to keep your team informed. Use compliance and DLP apps for Slack Grid teams to securely back up and archive all content shared on Slack.
  • 1
    Spend less time reacting to incidents and more time developing for the future.
    (794 reviews)
  • 2
    Prevent security breaches. No more unlocked laptops.
    (0 reviews)
  • 3
    An app that displays notifications from SPLATS devices on a Slack channel.
    (0 reviews)

Best Slack apps for Social & Fun

Include social media integration into Slack, arrange online food orders, or discover fresh means for team members to communicate. These apps promote social interaction during the workday.

Best Slack apps for Travel

Applications that assist you in securing a ride, locating a flight, or organizing a journey for you or your group, directly within Slack.

Best Slack apps for Voice & Video

Integrate these applications on Slack for seamless video or voice communication and collaboration within your work environment.

Best Slack apps for Media & News

Stay up-to-date with important matters, from the latest news to social media trends, using these helpful apps to keep your team informed and in the know.