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Daily 💚💛🔴 check-ins for remote teams like MasterClass and Canva.


Introducing Kona: Your compact culture officer within Slack!No more pointless surveys and dull icebreakers! Take a simple 💚💛🔴 check-in to gauge your team's needs.Kona simplifies collecting feedback, supporting colleagues, and tracking team wellbeing on a large scale. Discover why leaders from top startups (Oyster, Masterclass, Canva, Sendoso, and more!) utilize Kona for their remote teams..🐶  Kona is adored by People Ops Teams and Managers:
Kona integrates daily or weekly check-ins right into Slack, allowing for easy monitoring of team members' feelings. It's essential to understand people's frame of mind for meetings and team check-ins.
- Kim Rohrer, Head of Employee Experience, Oyster
I consider it my little assistant – it's like having an extra support team for the Partnerships department, providing me with insights into my team's issues. It helps me be a better manager and support my team in real-time."
- Antoine Moreau, Director of Partnerships NA, Aircall.With Kona, you can:
💚 Monitor team emotions and workload😂 Connect over entertaining water cooler chats👋 Assist teammates with AI coaching and benefits guidance⚠️ Receive health alerts for team needs awareness📊 Analyze team health and metrics anonymously📆 Gain essential context before one-on-one meetings🛠 Integrate with over 38+ HRIS platforms.Kona is trusted by organizations of all sizes across various departments, from Engineering to Marketing to HR, and is ideal for any remote or co-located team that values employee happiness.Proven resultsKona has successfully decreased attrition by 6.5%, improved manager support sentiments by 75%, and enhanced engagement by 25%. These are just a few of the amazing outcomes Kona can deliver!Get started anytimeTry Kona for free! Set up directly within Slack and enjoy a 30-day Pro Trial without the need for a credit card. Need assistance getting started? Contact sid@heykona.com!Kona is the solution for people-focused leaders. Discover more about how Kona can make a significant impact on your organization at https://heykona.com.

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(4 reviews)
(4 reviews)

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