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#1 Slack application that is designed for polls and surveys
It has already been used by more than 680,000 teams to make quicker and better choices! Easily measure your team's preferences
Stay informed about the progress of your projects
Understand how your team is feelingMake the right decision with minimal effort
Avoid extra meetings, unnecessary follow-up talks, or searching through multiple Slack threads to get an answer. Create a poll or survey in seconds and obtain your team's responses within minutes.
Make it simple for your group to express their opinions with minimal disruptions. There's no need to leave Slack or visit other websites. Get your team's input by allowing them to vote in a poll or answer survey questions—all inside Slack.
Polls - Real-time results & complete transparency
Engage your team by allowing them to vote for an option and track the results.
• Anonymous - Concealing who voted for which option and reducing partiality
• Recurring - Have a poll posted automatically at regular intervals
• Voting limits - Limit the number of votes a participant can cast
• Add option - Allow team members to add options to the posted polls
• Real-time outcomes - See all votes cast in polls in real-time"What day of the week is best for our team meeting?"
"What should be the new website's headline?"
"Where should we order lunch from?"
Surveys - Extensive feedback without leaving Slack
Obtain more detailed insights by sending private, multi-question surveys via direct message.• Private - Limit bias by allowing team members to respond privately and without seeing others' responses
• Multi-question - Ask multiple questions in one go (Employee engagement, Daily/Weekly standups, Team mood check-in, Meeting preparation, etc.)
• Anonymous - Let team members respond without revealing their name
• Reminders - Provide a friendly nudge to remind respondents to complete a survey
• Recurring - Have a survey sent out automatically at regular intervals"What are your top priorities for this week?"
"What would you like to see our business do more of?"
"How's your work/life balance lately?"

Need assistance? You can contact us at or type /poll in Slack after installation.

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Simple Poll
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