Albus ChatGPT powered AI teammate

Albus ChatGPT powered AI teammate

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ChatGPT powered knowledge base & chatbot with GPT-4


Albus is a smart and intuitive tool that enables teams to quickly access the information they need, whenever they need it.With Albus, you can effortlessly create a comprehensive knowledge base from a variety of sources such as Google, Slack, and Notion, and utilize Albus's conversational chatbot to naturally and intuitively find answers to your questions.Albus utilizes ChatGPT (GPT-4) AI, one of today's most advanced AI technologies, to offer incredibly accurate, fast, and user-friendly results. With Albus, you can ask questions using natural language and receive helpful, accurate answers in a conversational format.Albus is perfect for teams who need to work collaboratively and access information efficiently. With Albus, you can:- Create a comprehensive knowledge base from various sources like Google, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Notion, GitHub, etc.
- Use Albus's conversational chatbot to quickly find answers to your queries
- Customize Albus according to your team's specific requirements
- Enhance productivity and collaboration by reducing time spent manually searching for information
- Monitor usage and performance with detailed reporting and analytics
- Ensure security and compliance with enterprise-grade security featuresAlbus is easy to set up and seamlessly integrates with your Slack channels and group DMs. Install Albus today and start receiving swift and effortless solutions to your queries.To schedule a demo: your 7-day free trial, you can ask up to 50 questions. No credit card required. Disclaimer: Albus is a language model built on top of OpenAI(GPT-4), and its knowledge is limited to the available information. It may not provide accurate or up-to-date information, and its responses should not be regarded as professional advice. We recommend that you verify any information provided by Albus before relying on it. To report, please email us at

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English, French, Spanish


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(1 review)
Albus ChatGPT powered AI teammate
(1 reviews)

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