Billy (The Birthday Bot)

Billy (The Birthday Bot)

(23 reviews)
Automate birthdays and work anniversaries celebrations 🎉


Never forget to celebrate your teammates' birthdays and work anniversaries again with Billy Birthday! 🎉## How it works:
1. Easily add to Slack with just one secure click.
2. Collect birth dates automatically (via bot prompts) or manually (by importing Excel files).
3. Sit back and let Billy Birthday handle notifications automatically! You can even configure the time and Slack channel for notifications in the settings.## Why use Billy Birthday?
- Avoid forgetting important team milestones
- Foster higher levels of employee engagement and team cohesion
- Build rapport with geographically dispersed teams
- Add some fun into the daily routine
- The best birthdaybot on the market## Features:
- Unlimited birthday and work anniversary messages
- List of upcoming events (with search functionality)
- Opt-out option
- Choose to celebrate on a Friday or Monday
- Works in public and private channels alike
- Premium customer supportNeed a custom integration, branding, or copywriting? Let's chat!You'll be the office hero for installing Billy Birthday 🙌_____________________________________________Billy Birthday is perfect for workplaces celebrating aniversários, cumpleaños, or anniversaires! Additional benefits include:
- Wish and track coworkers' birthdays
- Eliminate traditional, boring birthday cards in favor of funny office celebrations
- Celebrate with remote teammates
- Share birthday-themed GIFs with coworkers
- Billy Birthday is the perfect modern bday bot for your hybrid team

Supported language

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish


Free and paid plans available


(23 reviews)
Billy (The Birthday Bot)
(23 reviews)

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