Chyme offers both a chat interface to company systems and a platform to generate personal chatbots. Chyme comes with built-in chatbots that can fetch purchase orders from SAP, endorse or contradict them, make incidents on ServiceNOW, alert you when an incident has been assigned to you on ServiceNOW, and more. If the provided chatbots do not meet your requirements, you can leverage the Chyme developer toolkit to craft your own chatbots. ChymeBot then allows these chatbots to be accessed from Slack. To check which chatbots are available, send a DM "Help" to @ChymeBot or try the command /chymebot help. For comprehensive information on individual chatbots, type "Help <BotName>" or /chymebot her <botname>Chyme is capable of integrating with various systems including SAP, ServiceNOW, SalesForce, Concur, and others. Utilizing the developer toolkit, you can integrate with any enterprise system and create your own chatbots.

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