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Collaborate with your team over external emails effortlessly by connecting your team email (e.g., help@, info@, sales@) to Slack with Shared Inbox! Why Teams ❤️ SharedInbox:📥 Connect any Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, or any SMTP email in seconds or get a free email address.📬 Manage all email communication from Slack.✉️ Send and receive emails from within Slack.🤝 Collaborate over emails, assign email owners, and have internal discussions on email threads.🙋 One-click convert emails to support tickets that are viewable by the sender on your custom support site. 🎯 Track email delivery and opens.↩️ Set AutoReply for Incoming Emails. All this without ever leaving Slack!How teams use Shared Inbox:1. Customer SupportTrack and respond to all your customers' messages in one Slack Channel, add one-click support tickets to email replies when required, and your customers can access and track support tickets on your custom support site.
Collaborate with your team on customer queries within Slack. Setting up or only takes 5 minutes.2. SalesCentralize your sales communications and manage inbound leads effectively by quickly assigning them, while having internal conversations over email threads in Slack.Setting up only takes 5 minutes.3. Recruitment/HiringCentralize candidate email applications and conversations in Slack, make hiring decisions faster with internal conversations on email threads, and easily include more team members in your recruitment process when required.
Also, Auto-confirm candidate application submission with AutoReply. Setting up only takes 5 minutes.4. Operations ManagementCollaborate with all external parties including partners, providers, consultants, and customers from Slack. Quickly compose new emails while keeping your team members in the loop. Chat internally about email threads and make assignments quick and transparent. Track email opens for all outgoing emails. Setting up only takes 5 minutes.Don't have a company website or mail server yet?Get a free email address instantly when you add SharedInbox to Slack.Try SharedInbox today!7-day free trial, cancel anytime. After that, starts at just $5/month for unlimited users.

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SharedInbox - Email for Teams
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SharedInbox - Email for Teams
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