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Time off requests. Vacation, WFH & sick leave tracking in Slack! 📅🏠✈️🌴


TimeBot is used by over 10,000 companies on Slack around the world to manage time off requests, vacations, work from home, and absences.For managers and administrators:
• Multiple teams can be set up and their time off requests can be approved
• Time off requests can be directly approved or rejected from Slack
• The time off requests history of all team members can be viewed
• Google or Outlook Calendar could be synced to view team schedules on the calendar view
• The limit for annual PTO days could be set and the number of remaining days would always be known
• There are flexible announcements and notifications regarding upcoming holidays and time off
• Multiple approvers can be set up for a team or absences can be automatically approvedFor office and remote team members:
• Time off can be requested in seconds without leaving Slack!
• The number of remaining days off would be known
• The team's off or working remotely information can be seen
• TimeBot can update the Slack status when OOO
• Approval of requests can be disabled (if no approval from the manager is required)NEW! Schedule Slack messages with TimeBot:
• Schedule Slack messages for later delivery
• Use the fast and handy shortcut ⚡️ to schedule a message to be sent in the future
• A quick text command that is easy to use "/later Hey team - please review this document in the morning"
• The date and time for message delivery can be chosen
• Schedule message delivery in channels or direct messages
• Deliver messages when the colleagues come online to respect the business hours of your colleagues if you're in different timezones
• Share updates with your teammates through scheduled messages even when working late hours.We assist your organization in many HR tasks without leaving Slack.
Start for free.For teams on the Premium plan, we also offer the best attendance tracking and time tracking experience.

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(7 reviews)
(7 reviews)

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