Simple Virtual Coffee Can Start Workplace Friendships and Mentorships
Build bonds, spread knowledge, and enhance happiness and collaboration by connecting with your colleagues to recreate casual collisions. LEAD.Bot offers:* GDPR compliance, Slack OAuth, and US-EU Privacy Shield for privacy and security
* Transparent, upfront billing and great customer service with no surprises!
* Free trials with no credit card requiredConnecting Colleagues for Peer Learning, Coffee Pals, and Watercooler Moments
LEAD.Bot helps companies like LinkedIn, Harvard, and IKEA establish coworkers meeting up for virtual coffee, speed mentoring, hybrid and remote workplace culture building, EGR and DE&I conversations, and breaking business silos.

Launch LEAD.Bot in Less Than a Minute* Configurable group size, matching frequency, and different schedules per channel with support for various use cases.
* Customizable introduction message with different icebreaker templates according to your use case.
* Match data insights, set your remote work hours, and get resources for your project launch and inspiration.
* Easily connect with our 24-hour customer support. Don’t Just Take Our Word for It
“LEAD is the most comprehensive and well-designed platform to enhance company culture through employee pairing, striving to nail everything a company needs to keep employees happy and ready for next-level growth.”
— Adam Traidman, CEO of BRD

For more information or feedback, please email us at support@lead.app

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