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PTO, time tracking, office booking, shift planning, and onboarding for hybrid and remote teams


AttendanceBot is a comprehensive Slack solution that simplifies management of time off, time tracking, shift scheduling, hybrid planning, and onboarding.🏖 Time off, Absence, and Leave Scheduling
Request time off, book time off, establish approval flows, notify your team, and sync schedules with your Outlook, Google, or Apple calendar - all at an accelerated pace. Admins get total control over leave types, rules, and accruals, in addition to organizational holidays and blackout dates. Teams have instant access to balances, approvals, team availability, and past or future reporting via CSV or external dashboard. Next time you're out sick, see how a quick text from 🛏 notifies exactly the right people.⌛️ Time Tracking and Project / Client Work
Start and end your workday by sending simple 'in' and 'out' messages, improving your accuracy when tracking time. You can also use 'lunch' or 'break' to differentiate your time and notify colleagues when you’re away. For a better understanding of your time usage, track time to projects, clients, tasks, or Jira stories, manage client-project portfolios, and fully analyze time spent using Excel or our powerful visualization dashboards. Keep your team informed with Slack status syncing, channel updates, query commands, and an easy-access punch board showing your team’s in/out, break, project, and vacation status.📆 Shift Rostering and Sign-ups
Effortlessly schedule your employees’ shifts with our sleek interface, while keeping your team informed via Slack. Admins can save time with custom alerts, quick-assign templates, and shift criteria, and have access to the master calendar and instant reporting on shift and timesheet data. AttendanceBot makes it easy for employees by automatically notifying them when shifts are assigned, sending reminders for upcoming shifts, and facilitating shift swaps when availability changes. Team members can even check their schedule and sign up for unclaimed shift spots in Slack.🏢 Hybrid Work and Office Booking
Discover how world-class hybrid offices are run without complications. Set hybrid policies such as office capacity or expected WFO each week, then empower your team to plan their own time in the office, at home, on the road, or in the field with simple commands like “WFH next friday” or “ito Monday.” Create recurring weekly schedules or let employees plan on a daily basis, and activate intelligent reminders wherever you need them. Keep everyone’s status synced with Slack, posted to the relevant groups, and organized on the calendar so that nobody ever wonders who’s in the office.🎂 Onboarding and Remote Culture
Your culture runs on Slack! Streamline both remote and in-person onboarding with a detailed task list assignment - keep both new joiners and task owners updated in real-time, while viewing progress across new hires and tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Maintain cohesive remote teams with regular birthday shoutouts, work-anniversary announcements, and daily, weekly, or monthly custom reminders.🚀 Start your two-week free trial today or visit for more information.✉️ Contact to enable messages in French or Spanish or inquire about payroll integrations like Gusto and BambooHR.

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(23 reviews)
(23 reviews)

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