Experience the convenience of managing your voicemail with Vxt through Slack. Make sure to have an existing Vxt account (via Vxt mobile app or app.vxt.co.nz) before configuring Vxt for Slack.Take the worry out of voicemail management with Vxt.Effortlessly access and respond to messages with voicemail transcriptions, automated email forwarding, and other useful features.Save time, gain control, and elevate your business with Vxt.READ YOUR VOICEMAIL
No need to listen: your voicemail messages are automatically converted to text on our smart inbox. You can choose to read or listen to your messages through the Play button.AUTOMATIC EMAIL FORWARDING
Ensure you never miss an important voicemail by forwarding them to your email with one simple click. Alternatively, you can forward messages to a colleague to help organise your workload.MULTIPLE GREETINGS
Manage your voicemail greetings with ease. Vxt lets you schedule greetings for specific times when you cannot answer calls, allowing you to keep your clients informed and satisfied.URGENT MESSAGE ALERTS
With the power of AI, Vxt identifies and sends urgent messages to the top of your priority list so you can catch them immediately.VOICEMAIL FROM ALL OF YOUR DEVICES IN ONE INBOX
Simplify your voicemail collection with a Vxt Personal Inbox Number. You can forward messages from multiple devices like your landline or secondary smartphone to your Vxt account. Enjoy the convenience of having all your messages in a single, well-organised inbox.

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