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Real-time meeting transcription in Slack


Colibri is an application that provides live transcription of voice and video calls to Slack. It converts speech to text in real time and shows transcription in a Slack thread as you speak. Zoom and other video-conferencing platforms can be used with Colibri. Colibri connects messages sent during the meeting to the transcription, allowing everyone, including those who couldn't attend, to see the notes in context and grasp what's happening. It makes it easier for everyone to follow up and contribute to the discussion at their convenience. As a part of your searchable Slack archive, meeting transcripts ensure that your team never forgets important decisions and tasks from past meetings. Everyone can quickly find what they require by conducting searches. You can:With this integration: • initiate real-time transcription in any channel or group message by typing /colibri start
• add comments, share files, and chat with team members during the call, all within one thread with live transcription;
• browse through your team’s voice conversations in Slack and immediately find what you're trying to recall;
• check out transcripts of the meetings you didn't participate in;
• receive notifications when someone mentions a topic you care about;
• use your Slack workflow automations on things said during the call (e.g., push feature requests to Productboard or create an Asana task);About is a new and better way to take notes during online meetings. It records your online calls, transcribes them in real time, and helps you generate brief searchable meeting notes that you can easily share with your colleagues. Getting startedYou'll need a Colibri account to utilize this app. Sign up here if you haven't already, then allow this integration in Colibri's settings. To learn everything there is to know about Colibri for Slack, peruse our guide.

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(5 reviews)
(5 reviews)

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