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Effortlessly save time and maintain team cohesion, no matter their location.Innovate mundane progress reports and boost your meetings.🚀 Simple implementation — Adding the Slack app to your workspace and inviting your team is all it takes to start benefiting from Range's features.🔌 Seamless integration — Import work from various platforms easily such as GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Trello, Jira, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and many others.  🔔 Reminders — Slack reminders will ensure your team remembers to give updates, so you won't have to.🤣 Team questions —  Over 300 bonding questions to help your team make connections and strengthen trust. 🎭 Moods — Share your mood with an emoji to stay up-to-date on team morale and identify who requires extra help🎁 Flexible for your needs — Flags help teammates when they’re feeling stuck. #Hashtags help you track streams of work. Team directories let you scale up as your workspace grows.And much, much more!“With Range check-ins, it doesn't matter if we're in different cities or countries, we still know what each other is working on and the plan for the day.”
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