Language is important. The way we work has changed drastically, and now more than ever, our words and online posts create a digital culture in the workplace. Coach humanizes online interactions, enhances productivity, and transforms culture through conversation. Our bot taps into the power of AI to engage varied teams and automate and evaluate digital culture building. This enables you to:
* Automate online engagement by integrating with Slack, while providing real-time HR data analytics
* Establish a continuous practice of connection, foster relationships and improve your organization’s growth
* Establish your organization as a DEI champion and a leader in HR methodologyFor teams of all sizesCoach is utilized by companies of various sizes, across different industries and locations, and with remote, in-person, and hybrid teams or communities.Secure & enterprise-friendlyOur team has years of experience in developing and securing enterprise software and has implemented measures to anonymize, aggregate, and safeguard data.Advanced researchOur HR methodology and inclusion practices, including peer-reviewed studies, case studies, and literature on DEI practices, are based on the latest research.Proven outcomesOur clients attribute Coach with transforming their work environments and changing negative, exclusionary discussions into a more positive, collaborative, and innovative culture.Ready to start?You can begin using Coach now! Set it up directly on Slack and initiate the development of a positive digital culture.

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