Top 5 Best Free Website Builders in 2019-2020

Every business and entrepreneur can now easily create and host their professional site at a low cost. Here are the top 5 best website builder solutions to create your website for free. This guide is for anyone who wants to create a free website but doesn’t know which website builder to pick.

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Top 5 Best Free Website Builders in 2019-2020

  1. Wix

    Best overrall

  2. Site123

    Simple to use

  3. WordPress


  4. Simplesite

    Small business oriented

  5. SiteW

    Professional, good assistance

Wix logo


  • – Fully customisable
  • – Accessible to everyone
  • – Many features

Try Wix for free


  • – Ideal for entrepreneurs
  • – 100% customizable design
  • – No experience required

Try SITE123 for free


  • – Content optimization
  • – Ease of installation
  • – Many free extensions

Try WordPress for free


  • – 15 days free trial
  • – For very small businesses who want to develop their clientele
  • – Any compatible device

Try SimpleSite for free


  • – Free Starter Pack
  • – Integrated responsive site
  • – Online assistance

Try SiteW for free

Having your own website has simply become essential for any company that offers products or services in B2B or B2C and that must be able to be easily identified on the web, even if it does not wish to evolve in e-commerce.

But for many, the creation of a website is still synonymous with heavy investment or advanced technical knowledge. Graphic design, definition of functionality, structure and ergonomics, site development, content writing and integration, choice of host etc.

The new publishers have eliminated all these problems to allow any amateur to easily and inexpensively create a personalised site that reflects their business.

What are the most important criteria for choosing your site creator?

The scope of the model range

Keep in mind that each site editor has their own « templates » or models. In some cases, once your site is published on the web, it will be difficult to transfer it to another provider. Hence the importance of choosing an editor offering varied and aesthetic graphics, of professional quality.

Added-value features

Certain features can make all the difference. Creative tools that integrate SEO optimization, like Jimdo, SITE123 and Strikingly, for example, will help you achieve your conversion goals and gain qualified visitors.

Flexibility and scalability

Your site is likely to change over time. As your traffic increases or your client base increases, you will probably have to add functionalities, or even redesign a part of your site. Check that your service provider is able to offer you scalable formulas.

Service level and support

Because creating a site is not easy, even with an authoring tool, you should be able to count on a help desk or, if there isn’t one, a forum of experienced users.

The price

Price is an important component, but the prices charged by site publishers are often quite close. Investing a few more euros per month can make you benefit from more attractive services in the long term.